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    Faith-Based Motivational Artwork Transforms Your Office Into a God-First Business

    Motivational Artwork: Breeding Ground for the Self-Care Movement

    Most motivational canvas artwork that entrepreneurs are buying for their offices are messages that promote self-reliance.  Since the people reading these messages may not have a strong foundation in God, people can be led to think that success comes from their work.

    So, every time you or someone else reads a motivational canvas art piece in your office, you’re not only being influenced by worldly messages, you’re spreading messages of worldly desires to others.

    The Bible says:

    Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. (Colossians 3:2 ESV)


    Ordinary Canvas Art Fails On Putting God First...What Can Be Done?

    The self-care movement is grounded in the assumption that the power for motivation lies within, and that we have the power to succeed on our own. The gospel counters that true power can only come from Christ. (Matt. 11:28-30). Only God offers profound and eternal care that addresses even our deepest needs. (Phil 4:6-7).

    What can be done?  All of the problems that the popular self-care motivational canvases address—unfulfillment, exhaustion from caring for others, lack of connection and purpose—are ultimately answered in the gospel.  You could just write Bible verses all over your walls, but that wouldn’t be eye-catching or inspiring to others (you might come across as zealous).

    But what if there was a creative, easy solution that decorates your walls nicely, is inspiring, and motivates people to put God first in their work?


    Stop Hanging Self-Reliance Messages And Switch To This Inspiring New Solution

    If we want true inspiration in the office, we must turn to the source of all peace and joy: God.

    Faith Hustle Canvas Art is BOLD about faith in God for motivation and inspiration. Each design has been birthed through prayer and inspired by the Holy Spirit. So you can trust that not only will it inspire you and bless everyone that reads the canvas, the art will also bring God’s blessing into your home and business.

    Faith hustle makes spreading inspiration to others so much easier.  Faith hustle adds conversation-starting backgrounds to your video calls by hanging God-first artwork.  People waiting in the lobby area of your office can comment about an interesting piece of our artwork, opening up a conversation that point them to God.

    But fair warning:  other “popular” motivational canvas art companies are spending MILLIONS of dollars in advertising their self-care messages.

    We have to counter this trend.  Our goal is to partner with you to share what you believe and do it with style.



    Can Canvas Art Really Draw People Closer To God? How?

    By engaging inspirational art pieces with motivational messages, we can experience a sense of comfort and peace, as well as feelings of unease and being challenged. Inspirational art messages that put God first invite us to an encounter, which is a gift—a spiritual gift that might bring us into a deeper relationship with God. 

    To create Faith Hustle pieces, we infused imagery and messaging where you can experience such spiritual gifts in the modern art canvases that can adorn your work environments and homes.

    An important part of the process of prayerfully choosing inspirational canvas art for your walls is being attentive to how open we are to the message itself, as well as being open and attentive to how the message elicits those emotions, desires, and the holy spirit within us.

    They Feel Better, Share Better Messages, & Inspire More than Worldly Self-Care Messages isn’t just another canvas art company jumping on the eCommerce bandwagon, we’ve been inspiring faith-based entrepreneurs worldwide to discover, uncover, and bring to life the business that God created them to start since 2014.  We’ve simply made it easier than ever to be inspired by our messages daily and to give you another opportunity to share your faith.

    A canvas can accompany you right next to your desk, reminding you of your purpose and calling in business.  Faith hustle even works as a great gift to the faith-based entrepreneur you’re thinking about right now that you know this would be perfect for.  All at the ease of browsing and selecting a canvas from the website.

    In as little as a week later, your walls have been upgraded to messages of faith, hope, and outward commitment to leading and sharing a God-first business life.


    Here’s What Satisfied FaithHustle Customers Had To Say:

    Don’t take it from us:

    "So nicely made! They are like a soft, luxurious sponge that absorb water with just a soft touch. And they’re so fluffy and comfortable, I love taking time to wrap myself in one after showering. I’m surprised how light they are, too, at least compared to my old terry towels. Love the silver idea and I think they’ll make for the most thoughtful presents." — Brooke M.

    "The silver content really works. These stay clean and fresh-smelling even after weeks of use. I’m happy about getting what I paid for, because although these aren’t the cheapest towels out there, the moment you hold and feel them, you can really feel the quality. Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever been happier with a purchase."  — Steve T.

    "Amazing softness, and my husband immediately noticed that they do not smell even after using them for many, many times. I think it’s because they dry really fast, but the customer representative told me it’s especially because of the silver ions in action. I hope they last as long as the reviews say they do, because so far this has already saved me a whole lotta laundry! Time will tell." — Mae P.



    How Do Canvases Compare to Regular Canvas Art Companies?

     Ordinary Art
    Turns people to the Bible for sustainable motivation Promotes self-reliance movement
    100% credit given to the ultimate source of inspiration No credit given to God
    Left Feeling connected and purposeful Messages still lead to unfulfillment
    A better, more sustainable motivation for life and work Doesn’t solve exhaustion from work
    Live and work wholeheartedly with hope and confidence Still left discouraged because powerless to accomplish


    The average video conferencing meeting length is 31 to 60 minutes.  United States businesses have more than 11 million video conferencing meetings a day!

    How much time, and how many opportunities are we missing out on to inspire those who God is putting before us?

    Businesses are opening back up. People are coming back to the office. Now, more than ever, we need messages that inspire and motivate us, while giving the credit to the only thing that can provide true hope in business and in life:  a relationship with God.

    Faith hustle makes silent walls and worldly artwork a thing of the past, all while doubling down on your duty and responsibility to share your faith in God with a co-worker struggling in life, a vendor depressed over business being slow, or a client fighting to make a comeback from hard times.

    After you have your first piece in your office, you’ll be hooked and coming back for more inspiration.

    BOTTOM LINE:  If you’re tired of seeing self-care motivational messages that don’t give credit to God...if your walls aren’t sharing your faith right now...if you’re looking to revolutionize your business and go ALL OUT and adorn your entire office or lobby with inspirational canvases are truly inspiring, God-first, eye-catching, & motivating art.


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